Fleet Graphics

Vehicle Wraps for your entire fleet!
Your vans and trucks are already driving around town all day, why not utilize them to their full potential. A fleet of trucks can draw millions of impressions per year. Spead out over time the average cost to advertise on one truck averages about $45 a month. You can not get a better vallue for your money with any other type of advertising.

Let your presence be known to your customers. You can now keep up with your current advertising and promotional campaigns in a snap, just by changing your wraps. You can't go wrong when fleet vehicles are awarded a discount of about 30% at our shop. Call us at 713-292-8921 and get started on your fleet makeover today!

mobile billboard fleet graphics vehicle wrap

Houston Vehicle Wraps
2,520 Times BETTER Than Mailers
according to the Outdoor Advertising Association. (OAA)
MILLIONS of Impressions every year.
Roughly $45.00